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If they are important to you, they are important to us.

The Grannysitters service that we provide take care of seniors, professionals have their knowledge mainly in areas of Geriatrics, Health, Psychology and Psychomotricity, with validated references, competent, caring, with passion to work and help seniors in their daily activities. As you get older, sometimes appears situations that are able to compromise your autonomy. Some are easy to face, others need help.

The Grannysitters service is a support in activities of daily living that promotes security and well being of client through the accompaniment and services that may be included, for example:

Make company at home and outdoors (go to hospitals, rehabilitation services, medical consultations, religious commitments, moments of fun and socializing, shopping, among others). Whenever necessary transportation is provided;

Organization of house;

Help in mobility inside house;

Preparation of meals (adapted to the diet needs of the clients);

Help and control in food and medication (always according to the prescriptions and guidelines of doctors);

Organization of clothing;

Domestic purchases;

Carry and laundry of clothes;

Supervision of payment of bills;

Organization of mail;

Reading, among others;

Appointment for Grannysitting Service:

Punctual Service - 10,00 € / hour (for appointments made with a minimum of 48 hours in advance).

Regular Service - Prices under consult.

Take note:

In our services, medical, nursing or intimate and personal hygiene services are not include.

All appointments are a minimum of 3 hours.

The rates include a maximum of 2 people.

Values with VAT included at the legal rate.

Flexibility is one of the main feature of our services. The Grannysitters may be request weekly, daily, for 24 hours or for 365 days a year. Our service takes into account the customers' environment, routines and schedules.