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The Nanny World – The Project and the Company

We are an Agency with headquarters in Cascais, we operate from Portugal to the whole world.

We have as maximum requirements the quality of service and the professionalism that we offer and place at the disposal of our clients.

Nowdays families find themselves without quality time and lack of support on their daily basis duties, they may ask themselves: “ Who to trust our beloved children while we are at work or if we are absent? Or if we get sick who can get them safely to school? Who is able to help them with homework, feed them and make sure they keep their schedule on time?”

Our Agency – “The Nanny World”, seeks to satisfy the needs of demanding and concerned parents who need support to care for their beloved children.

Our Agency offers them the possibility of having a Nanny, that is someone who is able to protect, pamper, play and teach while transmitting to their children the right values, so that they grow up in a balanced and quiet way.

Our Agency conducts an extremely thorough initial interview process with all our professional Nannies before presenting them to our clients. We are extremely strict in checking professional and personal references, education degree, first aid course qualification, certificate of criminal record, psychological evaluation test and medical certificate, information that for us is extremely important as we have a strict code of conduct , known and accepted by all our professionals and that defines its principles of action.

We recruit specialized and qualified Nannies with solid knowledge and experience in the areas of Education, Nursing, Psychology, Psychomotricity and fluent in several languages.

Our Nannies may:

Give support to families living in Portugal that need help to care for their children, no matters if it is a portuguese or a foreign family;

Go along families that move abroad Portugal;

Give support to families that visit or arrive to live in Portugal;

Be with families on holidays or weekends;

Give support to mothers, in postpartum period, who are caring for babies during the first few days and months of life;

Help infants and children who need special care - we have a therapeutic support service for those children.

We also have a Babysitting service, composed of highly qualified babysitters, which allow in several situations, support to parents so that they can be more relaxed and have some moments of rest.

As is an important issue for us, the project "The Nanny World" also contemplates an area of support for the seniors.

Based on same values and code of conduct we provide our customers a service of Grannysitter when they need support and follow-up on their daily routines, punctually or in vacation or travel.

Contact us and tell how we can help you.